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Comment on: Report Spam, Scam, Fraud, Obscenity, Harassment

Posted in Report Spam, Scam, Fraud, Obscenity, Harassment on Jul 31, 2008

I was approached through email concerning what sounded like a 'ligitimate' online job position at first. Dr. Kimberly Heir said she was looking for people to 'handle' customer payments ie; take them to MY bank and cash them then send a cashiers' check etc. I asked for more information concerning her company, and got an empty UPS package. Days later I received another UPS package this time with what I believe to be FRAUDULENT travelers checks and money orders. I emailed and told her in no uncertain terms that I WOULD NOT be a part of ANY money laundering sceme and have received nothing but harrassing email since.. one even threatening to call the FBI and have me arrested...hahahahahahahah.

Purported name: Dr. Kimberly Heir (business unknown)

EMAIL> Kimberly1120@gmail.com

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